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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

mr BFF

yeahhh now he came fo me after senyap n menghilangkan diri beberapa hari...uhukk...katenye bz sih

aku kan suke nau sngt ngadu kat die (giler gatai) heehe

smlam die call..lpas tu ckp2 gedik..
abes dh gedik time to feeling2 touching lak kan

me : i need someone to talk to..
bff : yea..i'll listen u..just tell me
me : i had problem rite now.. but if i tell u then i think u will think me stupid
bff : why??
me: coz the prob is very2 simple
bff : then what should i do.. 
me : nothing

sabar je k ngn prangai aku..hehe

me : can i pass my probs to u??
bff : no..i  already have enough probs rite now
me : @#$%^&* how could u???

kejam kan..

bff : just landing on ur bed n crying.. i know it will help u.. u like to crying rite??
me : i dont want to waste my tears for this silly prob.
bff : so?
me : u just take my prob and put it in ur pocket then ignore it..
bff : how long i have to keep it??
me : forever..:(
bff : yea....for ur sake i will take it
me : thanks

ngade x??
at the end of our story..

me : can u make me just one and only ur buddies??
bff : ok

p/s : sory for the broken english..hehe..smlam saje feeling2 nk speaking omputih...

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